103-JII: Honeymoon Disappointment Led To Joy with Kellar Ronan

28 Jun

Honeymoon Disappointments Led To JoyPII: Could it be possible, after the gorgeous ceremony and wonderful party, there could be sexual challenges on the tropical vacation? A story that happens too often, but is not often shared: Kellar gives her perspective on the let-down and challenges they faced after choosing to save sex for marriage. But she also gives a lot of hope and practical guidance for other who desire to live holy before the Lord. What she wish she had known, she shares with you.

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You’ll Discover:

  • How a couple who chose to wait to have sex til marriage still had intimacy issues to work through.
  • Why a couple would want wait in our society and if it was worth it.
  • How prayer was a vital part of the process towards enjoying their physical intimacy.
  • How unmet expectations can be so painful and how to guard against those and set yourself up for success.

Books & Resources Mentioned:

  • DYM Episode 100: How to Find the Love Of Your Life – The episode where I share the strategy that Kellar and I talked about which she used to meet her now husband.
  • The Five Love Languages – a book we’ve referenced many times on the show, and contains really important understandings.
  • What Alice Forgot – The fiction book that Kellar is reading and it’s giving her a fresh and renewed commitment to her marriage.

marriage is a process


  • We asked God to help us get out of our own heads.
  • Looking back, we can say ‘Wow, that was a real moment’. We change in those moments.
  • Marriage is a process of stripping away the walls that stand between the two of us.
  • It’s vital to take the demand off your partner in the bedroom.

Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!



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