109: T- The Womanly Approach to Love Making with Laura Doyle

23 Aug

How does a wife move from stressed, dissatisfied, & doing too much for him, to a woman who actually wants to enjoy love making

I talk to expert, Laura Doyle, who is leading a movement of women who started with her own strife-filled marriage. Now she’s enjoying a life filled with joy and peace. 

Well, Laura says we’re looking at this whole thing wrong. What if it was easy? What if it started outside the bedroom and what if we enjoyed our whole life more? What if it honored God more? What if we enjoyed sex, as a result?

Surprising and potentially life-changing insights are in this episode you won’t want to miss. 

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You’ll Discover:

  • How we all think sex is the answer. Well, it certainly matters, but what if it wasn’t just sex?
  • How does a woman become someone who can relax and enjoy her marriage?
  • What if the feminist revolution showed us how to be successful in the workplace but not at home? (Discussed by two feminists)
  • The 3 personality traits that make you irresistible to your man (Hint: they have nothing to do with your looks…in fact, you can be 400lbs, and still be irresistible…& I prove it!)




  • Proverbs 31: A wife of valor who can find?


  • I indulged my fear instead of choosing faith in my marriage.
  • Frankly, I was too embarrassed to get divorced.
  • Express your desires in a way that inspires.
  • Take the feminine approach to sex.
  • He wants to make you happy.
  • Respect is like oxygen to your man.

Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!





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