112-T: Enjoy Sex For YOU with Chris Taylor

13 Sep

enjoy sex for youI have been a wife that thought sex was mostly for the man. And I had to go through a process to change that. Chris’ story is a lot like mine in that respect. Today she dives deep into why wives can get in this rut and the season she went through to get out.

What You’ll Discover:

  • The journey from a reluctant wife to someone who is released in passion
  • Belah’s thought process that make you go from
    • a-not wanting to make love tonight, to
    • b-being turned on and ready to go
  •  The stages Chris went through to become a wife who enjoys sex for her own enjoyment
  • Considering what you want your marriage to be like eventually, the advice she would give herself if she could.

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  • Because he was hurting he was unable to see my emotional needs.
  • Even if I don’t physically feel in the mood, I know that when we’re done I’m going to feel very emotionally and physically connected to my husband.
  • When you feel more emotionally connected to our spouses, you naturally want to make love to him.
  • I wish I had known that sex was such an emotional experience for my husband.