116-T: Loving In Light Of Eternity with Kimberly Rae

11 Oct

Prioritize Your Life For PeaceWhen you’re laying in ICU and the doctor says this operation may kill you, there’s a lot that might go through your mind. What Kimberly Rae realized is that what she wanted most is to love God and the people around her, instead of doing the “important” things that seem so relevant in our overbooked, overloaded lives.

Listen in to hear the hard-fought wisdom of a woman who lives these truths on a daily basis as she fights through life with her illness. She has lots to share on how to strip away the unnecessary¬†and get to the heart of how God wants us to live our lives. You’ll be inspired to love Jesus and the people in your care more,¬†but in a balanced way. In a way that is more aligned with scripture than the do-everything & be-everything saga that I have fallen into myself too many times.

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  • We’re supposed to be bearing fruit just because we’re abiding not because we’re trying so hard.
  • We don’t have time to spend for God because we’re doing so much for Him. At the end of the day its really for us–its to make ourselves feel better.
  • It might be her season, it might be plastic fruit.
  • Our gnarly self of a tree, if we’re sitting by the river of living water and we bring forth fruit in our season, that’s enough.