119-S: When You Don’t Want To Have Sex with Belah Rose

1 Nov

When You Don't Want To Have Sex

We all go through seasons in passion. Sometimes it feels so easy to make love and sometimes its just not. Today I wanted to talk about those seasons that are hard. Maybe its because of children, stress, or medication but sometimes its hard to make sex a priority in your life. I want you to know how I do it. I’m in a season currently where it’s not the easiest thing and I want to encourage you that you can do it too. There’s good fruit on the other side, it’s worth it. Listen in.



111-How To Seduce Him I mentioned this podcast about seducing your husband.



For the next few months every second Tuesday of the month I’ll be interviewing a sex expert and wife about orgasm and female pleasure! Stay tuned for that!


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Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!





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S-When You don’t want to have sex – WorkFlowy

  • How to get yourself to make love
    • Life isn’t easy, often sex isn’t easy
      • Sex its god ordained, the sign of marriage, commitment, unification
      • Sex its an act of worship
        • Trusting that God wants this for your marriage in a consistent and wholehearted way
      • Sex its an act of faith
        • That it’ll be worth it
        • Mentor told me passion is seasonal
          • I’m on meds that make me have no sex drive
          • Meds are necessary but
      • Making love is serving
    • What to help long term
      • Have an internal schedule
      • Exercise
      • Don’t let too much time go by
    • What to do to help in the moment
      • Get inspired
        • Listen to a podcast, read a book
      • Act sexy
      • Start things off
      • Have more options
        • Depending on how long penetration takes you may want more options
          • Peni
          • Outetcourse
      • Pray
        • Lord I dont want to but I know this is your will
    • Last encouragements
      • Consider the last time you didn’t push yourself and nothing happened
        • The distance you felt
        • The rejection one of you felt
        • The lack of closeness
      • How to say no
        • Easily
        • Quickly
        • With a plan
      • Consider the last time you didn’t want to but you pushed yourself to start anyway
        • The warmth of his body
        • The closeness you enjoyed afterwards
        • The contentment that you made the right choice
        • The ease of doing life together when you’re unified