128-T: Orgasm–Focus On Your Body with Keelie Reason

10 Jan

This is the 3rd installment of our Orgasm Series (click to check out the rest). For far too many women, orgasm is not a source of pleasure and joy it should be. Today’s show is talking candidly about how to orgasm, what it takes to orgasm, what can disrupt your orgasm and what you should focus on to orgasm. My guest Keelie Reason gives a great amount of insight and help and you don’t want to miss it, listen in!

Find out more about Keelie at iamthesextalklady.com and lovehopeadventure.com


Heart of Tantric Sex – a book I’m reading that though I don’t agree with it spiritually, is giving some really unique and inspiring insights about sex that are refreshing.