134-J1: Loving Through Health Challenges (Part 1) with Julie Dibble

21 Feb

What she thought was just a simple surgery from a chest injury turned into a year of serving and fear and all semblance of control being taken. The threat of her husband’s death and his needing constant help shaped her in ways she didn’t expect. Julie Dibble has walked a hard road in the most difficult challenge of her marriage. But she remembers a quote “A great work requires a great and careful training”. God she believes has trained her through this. But it’s not over and she’s still fighting to be surrendered to God’s plan over her own, every day. Listen in to find inspiration and hope in the journey ahead.

What You’ll Discover:

  • I wasn’t asking God to replenish my energy
  • It scared me to hear that he had become that frustrated
  • You do have to choose every day to love your husband


  • A great work requires a great and careful training. – Jesus Calling


  • Please give me the desire and energy to be intimate with my husband.
  • In prayer, I heard “surrender”. Surrender the control, what I want, the fear about the negative possibilities…surrender it all.
  • Once you empty yourself you have the space to let God fill it.




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