138-J1: Overcome Insecurity With Vulnerability with Beth Steffaniak

21 Mar

Part I: If you’ve felt insecure about yourself, you know the icky feeling that hangs around and corrodes you from the inside. In marriage its lethal, because you and your spouse are trying to put up a facade and it just brings distance. It robs you both of the connectedness you’re meant to share.

Today’s guest shares how she started out very insecure in her marriage. Conflict would scare her and she felt that if she were honest with him, he’d reject her. Their marriage had a rocky journey and she credits God for bringing them through, otherwise she said they’d probably be divorced. And now they’re about to celebrate their 30 year anniversary! Hear how they made it through, and what she’s learned.


  • I didn’t feel worthy of being his wife.
  • I learned that I need to turn to the Lord and let God give me my worth.
  • Some women feel rejected by their spouse so they just focus on their kids and pour their love solely on their kids and the marriage suffers.
  • It actually brings safety to the relationship by sharing.


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