140-S: Sexual Respect with Belah Rose

4 Apr

Ever feel like your sex is taken for granted? Ever feel like your sexuality is not even acknowledged, much less honored? That’s what we address on today’s episode.

The steps to go through to ensure that you are receiving sexual respect and that you’re also giving it.



  • Both you and your husband’s sexuality needs to be respected for love to thrive and your marriage to be all that God wants it to be
  • Respect his sexuality
    • Reasons you may not respect his sexuality
      • Ignorance growing up
      • Insecurity about body image
      • Physically awkward or unattractive to him
      • Your past abuse
      • Your sexual history
      • His sexual history
      • Adultery
      • Living arrangments
      • Unable to afford nice clothes/lingerie/sexy apparel
      • Health issues
      • Depression
    • Jesus was in the desert 40 days to prepare him for his work
  • Respect your sexuality
    • If you feel taken for granted?
    • If you feel not respected?
    • What’s required for your sexual fierceness to come out?
      • Committed to being faithful to you
      • Doesnt compare you to other women
      • Has a positive regard to your sexual personhood: what you do, what you look like, how you smell/taste/sound
    • Boundaries around your sexuality is your responsibility
    • It’s up to you to be respected
      • Confidence
      • Boundaries
      • Consequences
    • Story
  • How men with respected sexuality thrive
    • Story: Men with the paralytic man; Mark 2




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