164-J2: Make Sex More Fun. with Amy McKinley

31 Oct

There’s a lot we can do to make our love lives more lively. More than you might have thought. What about making sex into a game?

Here’s a wife who made a Christian app that makes sex more fun for all of us! Amy’s passion has come out of a place of understanding the significant impact that comes out of a place of marital intimacy.

This is the second half of her interview and it is so important for us all to prioritize and enjoy making love. We all can only be so creative—Why not get a little help to make it more fun and spicy?

Her desire is to make more marriages succeed. So much of the app is free, I would really encourage you to check it out: ultimateintimacy.com At the end of the interview, Amy walks us through step by step how the game works (so you can download and walk with her through how to use it).


My other encouragement I share on the podcast, is maybe you’re not at a place where an app will help you spice things up. Maybe there are significant challenges that need to be worked through before you can get to that stage. I share a lot of the challenges I’ve had to fight through in regards to intimacy and I want to help you get to the other side. Coaching 1:1 with me is 30% from now until Nov 24.  We meet via video chat every week to dig into the deep stuff to move you to amazing intimacy.

Check out Amy’s app—here’s their hilarious video!