171-New Year’s Reflection That Will Change My Life

19 Dec

In the long view of your 100 years on earth, what is going to matter in THIS season?

I had an abrupt and unsettling realization when I had a parent teacher conference a few weeks ago. Though I believe I was discerning God’s will and way for my life. I don’t believe I was pursuing it in God’s timing.

And that is one of the central themes around today’s podcast. What is your season (mine is a quarter inch) in the grand scheme of life? And what matters most right now.

From there, what do you do with that understanding? How does it become practical and lived out?

Some topics covered:

  • The enemy wants to distract you from what matters in eternity
  • Parenting requires focus. I was allowing other “priorities” take that focus.. which now I realize was foolishness given my season.
  • Distractions include Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, food (a personal struggle I’ll talk more about in the new year)… just to name a few.

Next DYM Season is all about “Body” image, food, insecurities… it’s a series in confidence, acceptance and comfort in your body.

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