173-Body P2: Know Your Worth & Freedom with Food

9 Jan

I thought my body was gross. I thought God didn’t give me a good one. God changed my perspective. Now that insecurity has become fierce respect for this wonder God has given me.

Now I’m convinced that we as women are jewels. Our bodies are of the highest value. And we should not put our jewels before swine. Your body should be adored by someone who deserves it. By someone who serves you, respects you and makes you feel worth it. Your husband (though he himself is a work in progress) is the only one who fits the bill.


  • Assume the attraction is there.
  • Practice affirmations. I do this with my clients and this is one of the most effective strategies.
  • Spend time journaling rather than eating. Eating allows us to numb ourselves from the difficulties of life. We stuff ourselves with food so we don’t feel.
  • You are not being cocky by telling yourself you’re gorgeous. Your body is God’s work of art. He gets the credit. God made you beautiful. When you get compliments, receive it and give the glory to God in your heart. You don’t have to let that puff you up in pride, you can give that to God.
  • It is a discipline to have confidence. And it takes discipline to get there.
  • Write through the hard times, rather than stuff the hard time with food which make the enemy distract you from life and God’s voice.

Resources: Women Food and God (Though not a Christian book, amazing principles that we can apply through a godly lense can be gleened.)



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