176-Body P5: Value Touch

30 Jan

How to enjoy sex as a woman. We as women have so much going on. So many commitments and responsibilities.

For women its a slow process to transition from life to intimacy. (For men, not so much). For us, its slow and it should be. Its an opening. Its a releasing. Its a being invited into her divinely orchestrated womanhood.


What does it feel like to be in touch of your body? Why does touch matter? Being in your body. Being attentive to the touch of your body will help you enjoy making love. I explain what I mean and how you can do this practically.


I give you some centering practices that will move you into a centering place where you can receive and be fully with the love making experience.

Letting yourself experience it all. What to do when your mind wanders. What if there is whole other way of experiencing sex than you and your husband have tried–and it is a more spiritual experience that you might have imagined.

Touch outside the body, but what are you feeling on the inside of your Ressa. Not your clitorous, but your inner Ressa. I’ll be talking more about experiencing that pleasure on this podcast.



  • What kind of touches do you want from your husband?
  • Game plan: write out exactly what you want to say.
  • Make love in a slow, intentionally receiving way.