98-JII: After The Wreckage with Jenny Miller

24 May

After The Wreckage

PII: When you have been through it, you have been through it. Jenny shares the second half of her interview where she talks about the big terrible things that can happen in marriage, but then what happens as you pick up the pieces of it all. How do you work through intimacy recovering from her sexual addiction? How do you rebuild a life after cancer? What does it look like to rely on God for your daily bread? Jenny is honest and speaks soothing balm to those who need it after the wreckage.

Check out Part I at delightyourmarriage.com/97

Find out more about Jenny Miller at wholewomenministries.com or email her about coaching thorugh sexual addiction and trauma at jenny@wholewomenministries.com


You’ll Discover:

  • How Jenny found out that she had cancer when her husband was away.
  • How she grieved the time she missed with her infant daughter because she was in chemo.
  • What cancer does to a person.
  • How a marriage can survive trauma.
  • What gifts are given through the most difficult seasons of marriage.


people go away when it seems ok

Books & Resources Mentioned:

  • Wholewomenministries.com
  • Dirty Girls Come Clean by Jenny’s (best friend and) founder of Whole Women Ministries
  • No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction
  • Boundaries – a book I highly recommend (it was seriously a life changer if you have a hard time with resentment, saying “no” and overextending yourself…Jesus said no).
  • Captivating – also a book that changed my perspective of the beauty in feminitiy.



  • God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world. – C.S. Lewis

God shouts in our pains


  • We can honestly say, we wouldn’t change anything.
  • People go away after everything seems ok, but that’s when I needed them the most.
  • I had to mourn the missed time with my kids because of my cancer.
  • It’s ok to be angry at God, He can take it.


Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!





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