Welcome! I am grateful you’ve taken the time to find out about this project.

DYM Mission:

Inspire…your marriage with the depth of intimacy and purpose God desires.

Empower…you in discovering strength, dignity and confidence in sexual, marital intimacy.

Motivate…you to walk in Love, Wisdom, & Passion.


My Story:

My passion for Delight Your Marriage was birthed out of a painful marital past. I suffered in a marriage that was full of strife, anger, deep hurt, and sexual difficulty. Now, by God’s grace, I have a wonderful life-giving, faith-supporting, and mission-enabling marriage. God’s hand in my journey has shown me that marriage affects everything. I desire to help others avoid (or heal) from the pain I experienced. I also learn, grow and am inspired in my journey through DYM too! If you’re brave and really want to know my heart behind DYM, check out my vision for DYM.

Posting Structure:

I post podcasts every Tuesday morning. Here’s the schedule for the month:
  • 1st week:
    • a Solo Show (S), where its just you and just me, digging into a topic that matters deeply to your marriage;
  • 2nd week:
    • a Topical Conversation (T), when I chat with an amazing guest or intimacy expert on a specific topic;
  • 3rd & 4th weeks:
    • a Journey Interview (JI & JII), where I get the chance to hear from an incredible wife who shares the trials and time-tested wisdom that came from it;
  • 5th weeks (if there is one):
    • a surprise. :)

I would love for you to listen in and gain weekly inspiration for this journey called marriage.

Thanks for listening. God bless you!