Always For Your Future Marriage

28 Dec

DYM Blog1 (13)I always feel like I’m in preparation mode. In elementary school for middle school and high school I was preparing for college and college I was preparing for the real world. But then once I got into the real world I realize all I was doing was preparing for my next job my next career on my next business endeavor.

This is a great way to look at life. We are always becoming. Just as this world is not our home we’re preparing for eternity every single day. We should also be keeping in mind that today were preparing for tomorrow. God has called us to do many things in this life and if we squander our days then our tomorrows are also squandered.

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Today’s conversation with your husband is an investment in the next years of your marriage. You’re never finished working on your marriage, it’s always becoming and getting better and better and better (if you’re investing good things over and over again). It’s a journey. One step yesterday gives us the opportunity to take another step today.

So I would challenge you to use every argument and every conversation to be a constructive one. To give you a clue on how you can get better for the next conversation for the next argument even. How can you respect your husband more? How can you change your tone so that he doesn’t get so riled up over something so small? How can you adjust what you can in order to make your marriage better for the future?

So when you need to say I’m sorry I was wrong, keep in mind that this is going to be an investment in your lives together. This should be a culture in your marriage: admitting that you’re wrong and apologizing.

Don’t forget to say “you were right honey!” It’s fun to encourage him in this way and pretty soon you’ll both be cheering each other on, instead of criticizing and shaming.

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Your marriage is built day by day. Each positive, encouraging word is building a better tomorrow. Each enjoyable and steamy encounter is creating and more intimate connection for the future. Each kind response to something that could have blown up in an argument is helping make your marriage that much stronger.

The first step is you. Make the decision. Invest today in your marriage, for your future together.

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