166-Why He Became Romantic, Part 2 (Belah’s Husband Tell’s All)

14 Nov

I encourage you to first listen to Part 1 here. Today, you get to hear the gory details of how awful I was…from my husband. He is giving you all the dirt on me, for your benefit (hopefully!). There’s a … Read More »

165-Why He Became Romantic, Part 1

7 Nov

You may have thought you chose the right man when you were dating, but suddenly things changed when you got married. He stopped trying. He stopped woo-ing you and just took you for granted. When was the last time he … Read More »

138-J1: Overcome Insecurity With Vulnerability with Beth Steffaniak

21 Mar

Part I: If you’ve felt insecure about yourself, you know the icky feeling that hangs around and corrodes you from the inside. In marriage its lethal, because you and your spouse are trying to put up a facade and it just … Read More »

136-S: 10 Keys To A Peaceful Marriage with Belah Rose

7 Mar

Peace is a vital element to the life God wants for us. If you have strife in your marriage, I have been there and I pray this will give you hope and tools to get it turned around. These are the … Read More »

134-J1: Loving Through Health Challenges (Part 1) with Julie Dibble

21 Feb

What she thought was just a simple surgery from a chest injury turned into a year of serving and fear and all semblance of control being taken. The threat of her husband’s death and his needing constant help shaped her … Read More »

126-J1: Marriage With Disabilities with Kim Olachea

20 Dec

When you got married, you really didn’t know who you were marrying. Maybe you knew some things and probably loved them. But as time passes you learned more and more. And as time passes some things change. Illnesses, disorders and … Read More »

124-S: Hope In The Storm with Belah Rose

6 Dec

Sometimes life is so hard. Maybe it’s your marriage challenges. Maybe it’s other things. I’m here to tell you there is still hope. That you are not alone in your situation. God is a God of hope. And the worry, … Read More »

123-T: God Can Heal Your Marriage with Penny Bragg

29 Nov

For Penny, life didn’t turn out the way she had planned. Well, her marriage anyway. When they got married, she didn’t really understand that she was a broken person marrying another broken person. But eventually it became clear to her … Read More »

122-J2: Connecting for Better Intimacy (part 2) with Bethany Riechmann

22 Nov

Part II: Bethany had been married and things were going along fine, but she didn’t feel very connected to her husband on a deep level. She planned to go on a weekend retreat and she was surprised to find out all … Read More »