165-Why He Became Romantic, Part 1

7 Nov

You may have thought you chose the right man when you were dating, but suddenly things changed when you got married. He stopped trying. He stopped woo-ing you and just took you for granted. When was the last time he … Read More »

122-J2: Connecting for Better Intimacy (part 2) with Bethany Riechmann

22 Nov

Part II: Bethany had been married and things were going along fine, but she didn’t feel very connected to her husband on a deep level. She planned to go on a weekend retreat and she was surprised to find out all … Read More »

DYM Ep93: Receive The Love You Desire with Kimberly Rae

19 Apr

We’ve all been there. You gave all the right hints. Shared all the right stories. And to your utter dismay, he apparently retained absolutely none of it. Well, today we’re breaking down the walls of confusion and hitting you hard … Read More »

DYM Ep87: Focus On The Good with Heather Viets

8 Mar

We live in a comparison culture, but that is not what God calls us to do in marriage. You have your spouse. Heather talks about discovering who her husband truly is through intentional effort. And discovering who she is and … Read More »

DYM Ep63: He Wants You To Want Him with Sara

3 Sep

Hi there! Belah here. Today is Part II of my interview with Sara, a DYM listener. On this episode, she shares valuable tips and advice about how to treat your husband, about intimacy, and about prayer. Sara emphasizes on respect … Read More »

DYM Ep62: What Does It Mean To Respect Him with Sara

1 Sep

Hi there! Belah here. Today, I have with me Sara. She is a Delight Your Marriage podcast listener, and she reached out to me to share to everyone, to all you listeners, her marital journey. She has gone through ups … Read More »