128-T: Orgasm–Focus On Your Body with Keelie Reason

10 Jan

This is the 3rd installment of our Orgasm Series (click to check out the rest). For far too many women, orgasm is not a source of pleasure and joy it should be. Today’s show is talking candidly about how to orgasm, what … Read More »

125-T: Orgasm–Redefine Your Expectations with Sandra Glahn

13 Dec

Today’s broadcast is our second in the Orgasm Series and it’s a goodie! We all have preconceived notions around what female orgasm should be. It may be time to get better and more correct understandings of how it really happens for women. … Read More »

120-T: Orgasm–Learn to Enjoy This Gift with Julie Sibert

8 Nov

This is our first post in the topical series Orgasm. My guest today Julie Sibert from intimacyinmarriage.com talks about how sexual intimacy is a gift from God and that includes orgasm. He wants us to enjoy this gift. There’s plenty … Read More »

119-S: When You Don’t Want To Have Sex with Belah Rose

1 Nov

We all go through seasons in passion. Sometimes it feels so easy to make love and sometimes its just not. Today I wanted to talk about those seasons that are hard. Maybe its because of children, stress, or medication but … Read More »

115-S: Prioritize Your Life For Peace with Belah Rose

4 Oct

We live in a hectic time where energy for the people depending on us can easily get to the bottom of our todo list. Especially our husbands. And especially making love. But how do you prioritize? How do you make … Read More »

114-JII: Rebuild Trust After Betrayal with Mona Shriver

27 Sep

If you haven’t yet heard part I of Mona’s story. I’ll catch you up. She was terribly betrayed by not only her husband but he had an affair with her best friend. The horror of what she went through penetrated … Read More »

112-T: Enjoy Sex For YOU with Chris Taylor

13 Sep

I have been a wife that thought sex was mostly for the man. And I had to go through a process to change that. Chris’ story is a lot like mine in that respect. Today she dives deep into why … Read More »

111-S: How To Seduce Him with Belah Rose

6 Sep

What You Will Discover: How seduction can be so fun and exciting in your marriage-bed. The specific steps of seduction and how you can apply it to your intimacy. What seduction what means to him (compared to being in the … Read More »

110-T: Raising Sexually Healthy Kids with Luke Gilkerson

30 Aug

Parenting our kids around sexual realities can feel overwhelming (and scary, if you’re anything like me!) Well, I hope today’s conversation with Luke Gilkerson, an expert on the topic, will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief as we … Read More »