106-JI: Believe In Your Beauty with Ruth Buezis

19 Jul

How often do you look in the mirror and judge what is reflecting back at you? How many times have you said something negative about your body? …this week? Or when was the last time you thanked God for designing … Read More »

105-T: Guard Your Thoughts In Our Culture with Mordecai & Ilana Danneman

12 Jul

Sometimes even with our best efforts, because of the society we live, can derail our thought-life. Today’s guests know that all too well. Mordechai and Ilana have 4 children and are observant Jews, in fact Hasidic Jews. Usually my guests … Read More »

104-S: Purify Your Thoughts with Belah Rose

5 Jul

Though I’m mostly talking about purifying your mind regarding sexual thoughts, this is what I would prescribe anyone battling challenging thoughts. I think we don’t talk about purifying our mind enough, especially in regards to sex. I think it may … Read More »

103-JII: Honeymoon Disappointment Led To Joy with Kellar Ronan

28 Jun

PII: Could it be possible, after the gorgeous ceremony and wonderful party, there could be sexual challenges on the tropical vacation? A story that happens too often, but is not often shared: Kellar gives her perspective on the let-down and … Read More »

102-JI: Preparing For Happily Ever After with Kellar Ronan

21 Jun

PI: After yet another heartbreak, culminating in a night of drinking and a miserable morning… made Kellar realize she wasn’t headed in the direction that would be fulfilling. She was ready to get off the rollercoaster of hurt. And God allowed … Read More »

99-T: Sharing The Pain of Porn with Jen Ferguson

31 May

If you have had sexual sin in your marriage, it’s really hard to figure out who to talk to. Not everyone is safe. Today, Jen gets it. Her marriage suffered greatly when her husband’s pornography addiction was revealed. She helps … Read More »

98-JII: After The Wreckage with Jenny Miller

24 May

PII: When you have been through it, you have been through it. Jenny shares the second half of her interview where she talks about the big terrible things that can happen in marriage, but then what happens as you pick … Read More »

97-JI: Women Battling Sexual Addiction with Jenny Miller

17 May

Jenny knows what it’s like to struggle to stop & recover from sexual addiction, so do I. Today, we break the back of shame (the devil’s #1 tool) and reveal what so many others cover up. Jenny is brave to … Read More »

96-T: How To Initiate–Heart & Body with Keelie Reason

10 May

If you’re not comfortable starting things off in intimacy, this is a discussion you don’t want to miss. Keelie Reason is on a second time to talk about what initiating has meant in her life and how she made a … Read More »