170-Rest in Sex. Interview with Dr. Juli Slattery P2

12 Dec

Sexual intimacy should be a place of rest. It can even become a “haven for me”. In this interview, Juli Slattery, of Authentic Intimacy, talks about the spiritual priority of sexual intimacy in marriage and the passion involved in covenant … Read More »

135-J2: Loving Through Health Challenges (Part 2) with Julie Dibble

28 Feb

Part 2: What she thought was just a simple surgery from a chest injury turned into a year of serving and fear and all semblance of control being taken. The threat of her husband’s death and his needing constant help … Read More »

130-J2: Healing A Marriage From Porn Addiction (Part 2) with Lynn Marie Cherry

24 Jan

Lynn shares in this second half of her interview, about how she healed from the porn addiction of her husband. She says you can forgive an addict too quickly and she tells us what forgiveness really is. She talks about how … Read More »

127-J2: Marriage: To Be Holy (Not Just Happy) with Kim Olachea

27 Dec

What is the purpose of marriage? Many people think its happiness. Once that purpose is not being fulfilled many marriages fail. Certainly there are times when marriage is wonderfully happy. But, as every married man and woman knows, there are … Read More »

122-J2: Connecting for Better Intimacy (part 2) with Bethany Riechmann

22 Nov

Part II: Bethany had been married and things were going along fine, but she didn’t feel very connected to her husband on a deep level. She planned to go on a weekend retreat and she was surprised to find out all … Read More »

118-JII: Why We Control with Sherry Jennings

25 Oct

Sherry had every reason to think her marriage was over. She found out her husband was cheating on her and asked him to move out. He moved in with his girlfriend. She found solace and hope in her newfound faith … Read More »

107-JII: Glued Together But Separate Journeys with Ruth Buezis

26 Jul

PII: We’re one flesh but clearly we’re different people. How does that work? The Bible tells us “therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh,” Gen … Read More »

103-JII: Honeymoon Disappointment Led To Joy with Kellar Ronan

28 Jun

PII: Could it be possible, after the gorgeous ceremony and wonderful party, there could be sexual challenges on the tropical vacation? A story that happens too often, but is not often shared: Kellar gives her perspective on the let-down and … Read More »

98-JII: After The Wreckage with Jenny Miller

24 May

PII: When you have been through it, you have been through it. Jenny shares the second half of her interview where she talks about the big terrible things that can happen in marriage, but then what happens as you pick … Read More »