DYM Ep59: Make Margin For Your Passion with Gaye Christmus

20 Aug


Hi there! Belah here. Today is Part II of my interview with Gaye Christmus of calmhealthysexy.com. On this episode, she digs deeper into why relationships tend to turn stale whenever the hustle and bustle of childrearing and work and all those things that keep us busy, die down. She emphasizes on making time, freeing up your calendar for things like going on date nights with your husband and basically just talking and engaging with each other. Gaye tells us not to be afraid of taking things slow. Deal with things, talk openly about sex, be more intentional in your commitment as a spouse—these are the key points on this interview that you would not want to miss!

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You’ll Discover:

  • How Gaye believes in taking it slow and leaving space for quality time in your marriage
  • How you should take control of your family schedule
  • How taking small steps is better than going all out at once
  • How to be more open about sex and intimacy in your marriage, and why it is important to do so

Books & Resources Mentioned:



  • The family ought to revolve around the marriage, not the children.
  • You and your husband should manage the family’s schedule, rather than have the schedule control you.
  • There is one fear that couples have; it’s the fear of the question, “if i allow some space for my marriage, what am i gonna find?”
  • Some people are just afraid of slowing down because when they do, they have to deal with things that they don’t want to.
  • You can make progress even when you feel you are in a difficult situation.

Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!



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