DYM Ep27: Create Passion By Being Intentional with Julie Sibert

5 May

Hi there! Belah here. Today, I have with me Julie Sibert of intimacyinmarriage.com. Julie is a wife and mother to 2 boys and is passionate about creating a long-lasting marriage with sexual intimacy as a big part of it. She … Read More »

DYM Ep26: Make Your Marriage a Priority with Covenant Spice

30 Apr

Hi there! Belah here. Today I have Part II of my interview with founder of Covenant Spice. She talks about how she and her husband has made their marriage a priority, right after God and even before their children. Listen as she shares … Read More »

DYM Ep25: Sex Toys Are Okay? with Covenant Spice

28 Apr

Hi there! Belah here. Today I have founder of Covenant Spice talking about her married life and how intimacy changed when she opened herself up to really enjoying it. She and her husband founded Covenant Spice, an online shop featuring intimacy products … Read More »

DYM Ep24: Intimacy Instructions & A Challenge For You with Annie Lobert

24 Apr

Hi there, Belah here. Today is a BONUS (Friday) episode: Part III of Annie Lobert, hookersforjesus.net, and she shares her best intimacy tips for husbands and wives! Tips for how you can turn on your wife tonight. And for the … Read More »

DYM Ep23: Breaking Free From The Addiction with Annie Lobert (Hookers For Jesus)

23 Apr

Hi there! Belah here. Today is Part II of Annie Lobert, hookersforjesus.net, talks about how one can leave the sex addictions whether it is or inappropriate fantasies, porn, and using call girls. Its so sad but a reality and it … Read More »

DYM Ep22: Truths About The Sex Industry & How Love Covers All with Annie Lobert

21 Apr

Hi there! Belah here. Today I have Part I of Annie Lobert from hookersforjesus.net talking about her story from being coerced and abused in the sex industry. She has been through horrifying experiences, where she was beaten into submission by … Read More »

DYM Ep21: How Simple Steps Lead To Great Pleasure with Dr. Joel Kahn

16 Apr

Hi there! Belah here. Thought fruits and veggies weren’t sexy? Think again!Today I have with me Dr. Joel Kahn of drjoelkahn.com and author of The Whole Heart Solution. Dr. Kahn is practicing medical doctor who specializes in cardiology and gives … Read More »

DYM Ep: 20 How My Eating Disorder Affects My Love Life with Belah Rose

14 Apr

Hi there! Belah here. It’s just me today, and I will be talking about the vulnerable issue in my life: my struggle with body image and how it has affected my sex life, my marriage, & my walk with God. … Read More »