Review: Why He Wants It All The Time (& What He Should Do To Get It)

24 Jul

A while back I recorded an episode called “Why He Wants It All The Time (& What He Should Do To Get It)

I asked a number of contacts to give me their honest review of the topic. For the most part I received positive responses with some constructive insights that I really appreciated.

Bonny from said

“Statistics show 25% of wives are not being sexually satisfied in their marriage.  However, I tend to agree with Belah Rose (of Delight You Marriage), on her podcast, “Why He Wants It All the Time (and What He Should Do To Get It)” the majority of husbands are wired with a much higher need for sexual intimacy than their wives.” Bonny goes on to talk about the reasons a husband maybe having low libido. Its’ definitely a helpful read, especially if you are among the 25%.

Larry from had helpful thoughts on the subject where he went in deeper as to a husband has desire which does not mean it is simply for procreation.

“Sex is not exclusively, nor even primarily for procreation in human beings.  (We have said this before on this blog.)  The sexual desire, the capacity for arousal and for engaging in sex in both the man and the woman is present and persistent even on all those non-fertile days of the month (i.e. the vast majority of the days of each month).”

I also received an anonymous email from a male sex therapist who said in response:

“It is part of our DNA. A man’s mind is visual and as we see the woman we care about she emits/ gives off beauty that we can’t wait to see, touch,feel ,caress and take in through our our eyes. Those thoughts travel to the heart and then emotions take over, ( joy, excitement,).

The body begins to build energy, motivation, it wants to pursue, give and receive. It is like a thousand watts of energy flows to all parts of us! Our physiology stirs and desires to respond to its needs. We automatically want to think how we are going to fulfill this desire that needs to be experienced. We also are anxious because when this strong response “collides”with how our partner may interpret us ( we are sex crazy or abnormal ) or if we are having a “strained relationship”with them.

We fear that this great automatic God designed need we have (so often ) will not be satisfied when an issue is present. It seems all about us but it is more than that because of the way God designed us. It is whatnot is. We also want the experience of “pleasing our partner” and the thrill ( result) that this gives us as a man. And lastly we need to “release “that” God given biological/ physiological part of us that surfaces every day or frequently consumes us.”

I also received a video response from Dr. Jessica McLeese of