134-J1: Loving Through Health Challenges (Part 1) with Julie Dibble

21 Feb

What she thought was just a simple surgery from a chest injury turned into a year of serving and fear and all semblance of control being taken. The threat of her husband’s death and his needing constant help shaped her … Read More »

98-JII: After The Wreckage with Jenny Miller

24 May

PII: When you have been through it, you have been through it. Jenny shares the second half of her interview where she talks about the big terrible things that can happen in marriage, but then what happens as you pick … Read More »

97-JI: Women Battling Sexual Addiction with Jenny Miller

17 May

Jenny knows what it’s like to struggle to stop & recover from sexual addiction, so do I. Today, we break the back of shame (the devil’s #1 tool) and reveal what so many others cover up. Jenny is brave to … Read More »