DYM Ep 94: Marriage With Chronic Illness with Kimberly Rae

26 Apr

1 in 2 of marriages deal with chronic illness, and most of them are invisible (ie: depression, diabetes, ). Kimberly shares what life is like when you’re dealing with constant challenge in your body. She has an incredible heart and … Read More »

DYM Ep88: Divorce, Grief, Suicide, & Grace with Penny Bragg

15 Mar

Though none of us are promised tomorrow, there is so much pain in loss. And when we or someone we love goes through grief it can be so hard to know how to relate. 85% of marriages break apart because … Read More »

DYM Ep31: You’re Not Alone, A Story About Abuse with Karen

19 May

Hi there! Belah here. Today, I have with me Karen, a DYM listener who bravely shares her heartbreaking—yet very enlightening—story. She talks about her own struggles with anxiety and depression and thoughts of taking her own life due to abusive … Read More »