130-J2: Healing A Marriage From Porn Addiction (Part 2) with Lynn Marie Cherry

24 Jan

Lynn shares in this secondĀ half of her interview, about how she healed from the porn addiction of her husband. She says you can forgive an addict too quickly and she tells us what forgiveness really is. She talks about how … Read More »

124-S: Hope In The Storm with Belah Rose

6 Dec

Sometimes life is so hard. Maybe it’s your marriage challenges. Maybe it’s other things. I’m here to tell you there is still hope. That you are not alone in your situation. God is a God of hope. And the worry, … Read More »

123-T: God Can Heal Your Marriage with Penny Bragg

29 Nov

For Penny, life didn’t turn out the way she had planned. Well, her marriage anyway. When they got married, she didn’t really understand that she was a broken person marrying another broken person. But eventually it became clear to her … Read More »