136-S: 10 Keys To A Peaceful Marriage with Belah Rose

7 Mar

Peace is a vital element to the life God wants for us. If you have strife in your marriage, I have been there and I pray this will give you hope and tools to get it turned around. These are the … Read More »

123-T: God Can Heal Your Marriage with Penny Bragg

29 Nov

For Penny, life didn’t turn out the way she had planned. Well, her marriage anyway. When they got married, she didn’t really understand that she was a broken person marrying another broken person. But eventually it became clear to her … Read More »

103-JII: Honeymoon Disappointment Led To Joy with Kellar Ronan

28 Jun

PII: Could it be possible, after the gorgeous ceremony and wonderful party, there could be sexual challenges on the tropical vacation? A story that happens too often, but is not often shared: Kellar gives her perspective on the let-down and … Read More »

102-JI: Preparing For Happily Ever After with Kellar Ronan

21 Jun

PI: After yet another heartbreak, culminating in a night of drinking and a miserable morning… made Kellar realize she wasn’t headed in the direction that would be fulfilling. She was ready to get off the rollercoaster of hurt. And God allowed … Read More »

101-T: Revive The Romance with Debi Walter

14 Jun

Has the romance died? Is it hard to remember why you fell in love in the first place? Today, we’re talking about how to bring the romance in your marriage back to life. I have date expert, Debi Walter, on … Read More »

DYM Ep 13: Lightening Up & Choosing Joy with Ginny Hannan

19 Mar

This is Part II of my interview with Ginny Hannan joyfromgrace.com who shares the habit that she and her husband have developed to make their fights way easier. Ginny shares the 3 major things that has been central to her … Read More »

DYM Ep 11: Sex Is Not For Him, It’s For Us with Carrie Gordon

12 Mar

Listen to & subscribe with iTunes! Carrie Gordon, from TheIntimateCouple.com gives the second half of her interview. Check out Part I DYM Episode 10: Orgasm Difficulties Revealed. Carrie talks about the secrets to success in her marriage as well as … Read More »

DYM Ep 10: Orgasm Difficulties Revealed with Carrie Gordon

10 Mar

Listen to & subscribe with iTunes! In this episode, I interview Carrie Gordon of TheIntimateCouple.com. She grew up without any education about sex. She didn’t know what an orgasm was until she was married. She shares how she moved past … Read More »

DYM Ep8: To Love When Kids Are In Sickness Or In Health with Joyce Penner

3 Mar

Subscribe on iTunes! Today, my guest is Joyce Penner, coauthor of The Gift of Sex. Joyce Penner (passionatecommitment.com) has been married for 51 years and has 3 married children 7 grand children and one on the way. Their ministry began in … Read More »

DYM Ep6: Heartache Transformed Through Uncomfortable Honesty with Jen Smith

24 Feb

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes!   Today, my guest is Jen Smith of The Unveiled Wife! Scripture/Quote: Eph 4:12 “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Jen Smith of unveiledwife.com … Read More »