158-Why He Didn’t Care, But Now Adores Her with Laura Doyle, Part 1

19 Sep

(Part 1)

Her husband didn’t want to spend time with her. He was apathetic towards her. He would rather watch television than even make love to her. Now he can’t keep his eyes and hands off her :) Dancing in the kitchen, less stress and glorious compliments are just side benefits.

Laura Doyle’s work began a marriage-changing transformation for me.

Laura Doyle, best selling author, speaker and coach. The book I love the most: The Surrendered Wife (though I’d prefer to call it “How to Stop Stressing and Start Enjoying” or “How to Get Your Husband to Become The Man of Your Dreams”)

(If you’ve listened for a while you’ll know I posted this interview over a year ago, but we all need a refresher, so I thought you wouldn’t mind if I posted it again!)

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