115-S: Prioritize Your Life For Peace with Belah Rose

4 Oct

Prioritize Your Life For Peace

We live in a hectic time where energy for the people depending on us can easily get to the bottom of our todo list. Especially our husbands. And especially making love.

But how do you prioritize? How do you make sure when this life is over and done with that you’ve been who were supposed to be, to the people you were responsible for?

As a wife and mother (of toddlers by the way :) I too feel torn at times. I’m still learning. But there’s been a method that has worked for me and I wanted to share that with you. Not that you have to adopt all the strategies that are working for me, but that you might be inspired to create your own.
Here’s what I do yearly, monthly, weekly and daily to ensure I’m walking the straight and narrow with God before me. Believe it or not, it’s actually given me more rest than ever.