120-T: Orgasm–Learn to Enjoy This Gift with Julie Sibert

8 Nov

Enjoy this Gift -- Orgasm

This is our first post in the topical series Orgasm. My guest today Julie Sibert from intimacyinmarriage.com talks about how sexual intimacy is a gift from God and that includes orgasm. He wants us to enjoy this gift. There’s plenty we can do to get there. If you’re a wife and have never experienced this gift, you’ll want to give this a listen and try out Julie’s suggestions.


  • We need to let go of this idea that sex looks a certain way.
  • Sex is enjoyable, messy and holy.
  • There are Christian women who like sex.
  • Faking an orgasm isn’t actually protecting his ego.

Join us next month (second Tuesday of the month) to continue this Topical Discussion series on female orgasm.