125-T: Orgasm–Redefine Your Expectations with Sandra Glahn

13 Dec

OrgasmToday’s broadcast is our second in the Orgasm Series and it’s a goodie! We all have preconceived notions around what female orgasm should be. It may be time to get better and more correct understandings of how it really happens for women. Sandra Glahn interviewed loads of couples and wives to get the data for her book and has great insights to dismantle those lies that may be holding us back from true pleasure in the bedroom.

Learn more about Sandra at aspire2.com


What You Will Discover

  • How few women experience orgasm during regular intercourse.
  • If you’re experiencing pain during intercourse, it may not be a physical thing, it may be that you need to going through a training process to be able to receive pleasure of intercourse (as it was for me).
  • Most women can’t tell you what is enjoyable and it may change day to day.


  • Sexual Intimacy In Marriage by Sandra Glahn, where she’s interviewed many couples and wives.
  • Intended For Pleasure with a section for the Preorgasmic Wife. This was very beneficial read and training for me when I experienced major pain during intercourse.

Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!





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