161-Embodying Your Sexuality (Seduction), Part 2

9 Oct

Now that you know the value of your sexuality (from Part 1), what does it mean to share that with your spouse?

I was a woman so insecure and unaware of the beauty of my body that it shocked me to realize the attraction my husband felt towards me. It took a while to actually come to accept it was true. But from there, to become fierce in the bedroom, that was another process. That’s what we’re going into today.

What does it mean to captivate your man? How do you “embody your sexuality” with your husband?

What we cover:

  • Why seduction matters to the heart of your man.
  • Why seduction indicates the value you feel about your own sexuality.
  • What if seduction/sexiness just isn’t part of your personality?
  • How do you become one that loves what you might have grown up thinking was gross?
  • Practical things you can do (today!) that will go a long way to becoming fierce in the bedroom


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