111-S: How To Seduce Him with Belah Rose

6 Sep

What You Will Discover:

  • How seduction can be so fun and exciting in your marriage-bed.
  • The specific steps of seduction and how you can apply it to your intimacy.
  • What seduction what means to him (compared to being in the dark with the lights off).
  • Why intimacy can feel so much better when you’re having an active role.
  • How to have confidence in the bedroom.


Resources Mentioned:

  • My journey and the episodes that go with it:
    • With eating disorder, over-weight feelings, & sexuality, Episode 20
    • How to be confident in the bedroom, Episode 95 
    • Slowly changing to embrace workouts, diet changes, and lifestyle habits, Episode 100
    • My Delight Your Husband video course 
      • Goes into all of these much deeper and lets you walk step by step at your own pace
      • You know if you need to know
        • Discover God’s perspectives on sex
        • Become a woman who gets your husband’s view of sex
        • Confidently comprehend his physiology involved
        • And the specific steps to get to a place of joy, fierceness, and radiant confidence in intimacy


General Flow Of The Show:

  • The nature of desire
  • Why seduction matters
  • Some Practical Keys:
  • Steps of seduction
  • Further resources


(Scroll Down for full – general – transcript)


Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!





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General Transcript

  • The nature of desire
    • Father’s day coffee present
      • I had an idea
      • I teased him about it for weeks
      • then I made it really extreme the days, leading up to the day before
      • then finally I gave him the gift
      • a coffee mug
        • a small thing, maybe, but there was an entire experience that he and I enjoyed together that he will remember every time he thinks about that coffee mug
  • Why seduction matters
    • Rating 1-10 when having sex, my husband gave me this rating
      • Lights off 1
      • He starts 4
      • You start 8
      • You seduce 20-25
    • End goal
      • You’ll feel more sexy, more desired, you’ll have fun, and you’ll feel totally loved and enjoyed because you will be, and so will he
    • My journey
      • I want to tell you a bit about my journey and resources to learn more
      • My journey
        • with eating disorder, over-weight feelings, & sexuality, episode 20 
        • How to be confident in the bedroom, episode 95
        • Slowly changing to embrace workouts, diet changes, and lifestyle habits, episode 100 
        • Delight Your Husband video course 
          • asking you the hard questions
          • asking you to go deep into the specific areas that have affected your life
      • why I talk about my journey so much on this show
        • what studies have found is that the
          • # 1 reason that people change is belief that they can change and I have found no better way than to use testimony, find someone with the same story as yours who made the change, that helps us to think maybe, just maybe I can make that change too
    • It’ll be scary at first
      • Seduction is scary but you eventually get good at it and begin to love it
      • if this is new, you should feel silly
        • There are times you’re going to feel really silly, but then there are times when you’ll feel really free
    • he has to do it all in the bedroom
      • maybe he has to do quite a bit more of the work, once you get going, but you’re supposed to be the one to get things going; or you could be the one to get things going
      • there’s quite a lot involved in his “role”
        • take some of the tension off of your hubby and show that you’re ready for a good time too
  • Some Practical Keys:
    • Balance is really important
      • Just start by balancing on one foot when you’re in love at the grocery store
    • Start to dance by yourself
      • just have your head phones on your favoritie pandora station, mine is Bethel
      • once a music with some beat comes on, dance in your kitch by yourself
      • get used to shaking your hips
    • Start to find things that make you feel sexy
      • and DO those things on a regular
      • these are important
        • find them, find the ones that make you feel good about you, your life, yourself, your body
    • Treat your body well
      • in my course I go through a guided tour of how to pray through your shower and thank God for every detail He has given you
    • BONUS encouragement:
      • Spend your mind on things other than your body
        • (ie episode 104 purify your thoughts)
        • don’t let the enemy lie to you about your body
        • refocus your focus
          • in my videocourse I have specific practical actions that will help you to gain confidence in your body
          • all about practice
        • at least go and watch the free introduction video: I’ll have it linked to the shownotes for delightyourmarriage.com/1
        • Product
          • Seduction diaries
            • The point is to spark your imagination to seduce your hubby
  • Steps of seduction
    • 1 – get him to want it
    • 2 – tease him
    • 3 – give him some
    • 4 – pull away
    • 5 – and then give him what he wants
  • further resources
    • Delight Your Husband
      • goes into all of these much deeper and lets you walk step by step at your own pace
      • don’t let this episode go by without action taken this week
      • you know if your marriage needs this
      • you know if you need to know
        • more about God’s perspectives on sex
        • more about your husband’s view of sex
        • more about the physiology involved
        • and most importantly the specific steps to get to a place of joy in intimacy