160-Embodying Your Sexuality, Part 1

3 Oct

Part 1: You want to captivate your man. Is that even possible, you may ask? Am I captivating?

It was a process for me to move from thinking my sexuality (body + “Ressa”) was gross to then accept and embody my sexuality as a gift from God to walk out (exclusively) in my marriage. But as I did, I found my confidence and identity began to shift into a woman who knows her value, who is fiercely aware of the jewel she is…and how that informs and transforms her marriage.

How do you walk this out? How do you become a woman who knows her value and allows that to inform her intimacy? How to make your husband get distracted with fantasies of you, his own wife?

Ultimately this is a God-honoring podcast that moves you closer to him by empowering you to become the woman God designed you to be when he gave you your sexuality.

Specific things discussed:

-What embodying your sexuality DOESN’T mean

-Understanding what your body means to men

-Why our lady parts are ignored

-How lady parts need a new name and identity in your heart

-How to start today to honor and walk in the conviction of the masterpiece you are (and why that’s so vital to your sex life!)

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