169-Biblical Women–Sensual? Interview with Dr. Juli Slattery P1

5 Dec

When you think about the women of the Bible who comes to mind? Ruth, the loyal daughter who served her widowed mother-in-law. Esther, who risked her life to save her people. The hardworking Proverbs 31 wife. Mary, the teenage girl who’s heart was so tender before the Lord that He chose her to be Jesus’ mother.

Yes. The women in the Bible are incredible and should be aspired to. Did you immediately think of the Song of Solomon? Probably not. Not because she doesn’t take up space in the scriptures. Actually she has more spoken words than any woman in the whole Bible. But we probably haven’t heard many sermons about her.

I’m joined by intimacy expert Dr. Juli Slattery. And we discuss the desire and pleasure of the woman (in the Bible) of the Song of Solomon.

God wanted us to hear and understand that desire. He wanted us to see the holiness in it. What does this mean to your marriage? How can you apply this in your marriage?

Juli’s site can be found at: authenticintimacy.com Thanks Julie!

The study she mentioned: Passion Pursuit.


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