175-Body P4: Honor Your Ressa

23 Jan

Embodying your Sexuality P1 & P2, Episode 160 & Episode 161.

“Save sex for marriage”. A wise piece of advice. But because I didn’t learn anything about it’s value, I just assumed it was nasty.

But I never learned about my Ressa. Why your Ressa needed to be reframed and renamed:  Ressa = Receiving him into your Essence

(Feel free to keep the name you feel most comfortable with. However, I don’t feel comfortable using the words publicly on this show, that to me either evoke negative/pornographic connotations or are medical terms that don’t include all the areas and don’t capture the radiance of your essence.)

We as Christian women often don’t respect it or honor it as wonderful good.

A lot of negative and embarrassing things happened while learning how to grow up with a Ressa. You may have a negative view of it just because of the way you grew up.

  • Episode 110 Luke Gilkerson how to raise healthy sexual kids.


Is it awkward to consider God coming into the room with your husband and you making love? He’s not surprised.

God made it all. He made it to be filled with blood and become sensitive when its touched.

Embracing the fullness of your Ressa is foundational for you to walk in pleasure in your intimacy. For you to relax and receive him into your essence. Next week builds upon this one, so be sure to do your homework!

Next week’s podcast:

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