DYM Ep71: Stop Trying So Hard and Just Enjoy Intimacy with Kay Bruner

10 Nov

DYM (18)

Hi there! Belah here. Today is Part II of my interview with Kay Bruner of kaybruner.com. On this episode, she talks about how her marriage looks like now. She reminds us to stop trying so hard and to just let go. Kay also shares how she stopped worrying about every single thing and tells us that God is always there for us; He will never forsake us. Kay also shares about the time when she wasn’t that open to the blessings of God, thinking that she can handle everything on her own. But the truth is, we all need his grace. We just have to be more gracious toward Him.

Check out Part I at delightyourmarriage.com/70

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You’ll Discover:

  • How Kay’s marriage looks like now
  • What steps she took to take her marriage to a better place
  • How perfectionism didn’t do her any good in the early stages of her marriage
  • Tips and advice to delight more in your marriage and intimacy


DYM (20)


  • “Don’t worry about everything being perfect.”
  • “The more that our friendship grew, the easier our sex is.”
  • “The more gracious I’ve allowed God to be, the more everything became easier.”
  • “None of us have a clue what God is doing.”
  • “I resolve to be that person: to tell my story and to be out with it so that other people won’t feel alone – like how I felt.”
  • “Be strong and courageous for the Lord Your God is with you wherever you go.”
  • “God does not tell us ahead of time where we’re going to go.”

Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!



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