DYM Ep89: Intimacy & Grief with Penny A. Bragg

22 Mar

Intimacy & griefAll of us face severe challenges in this life. And we all will (if we haven’t already) experience grief. God does give the grace to receive comfort through our marriages in the times we need it most. But it isn’t automatic and it needs to be fostered intentionally. This is the second half of my interview with Penny and she shares very practical step by step instructions on how to grow in your emotional intimacy together. She also shares what sexual intimacy is like during grief and how to help yourself and your spouse in the midst of that.


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You’ll Discover:

  • How to cope with grief in the midst of marriage.
  • Practical ways to sort through your emotions.
  • How to be intimate heart, soul & body even in the midst of life’s challenges.
  • How grief affects the sexual relationship and what to do about it.
  • How to pray about sex and even after.
  • How God healed Penny’s heart through specific action.


Books & Resources Mentioned:

  • Marriage On The Mend: Healing your relationship after Crisis, Separation or Divorce by Penny A. Bragg


Don't Keep SecretsTweetables:

  • God, am I outside of your will in any area of my life?
  • In our marriage, we nurture the culture of reconciliation.
  • Resist the culture’s pressure to be busy & constantly occupied, and just unplug.
  • I had to learn to cry with him and lean on him and let him hold me.
  • Who can you talk to about praying for before sex?
  • There is nothing beyond His restorative reach.
  • Unresolved things in marriage impact intimacy.
  • You can’t touch my parts unless you touch my heart.
  • I didn’t want the grief gig–it’s too painful–but God led me to minister to those who are grieving.
  • Don’t keep secrets. Don’t think you need to hold on to this in the darkness. Tell someone.


Intimacy Prayer Prompts: Dear Lord…

  • Erase any prior images or memories that are a consequence of our sins.
  • Increase our desire and passion for each other.
  • Heal the areas of insecurity and vulnerability in us.
  • Show us how to please one another and be sensitive to each other’s needs. Cleanse us from the sinful ways we damaged intimacy, and help us rebuild it in our marriage.
  • Restore and protect the fidelity in our marriage, and let no one and nothing come between us.
  • Teach us how to know and respect each other’s areas of insecurity and vulnerability when it comes to self-image and sexuality.
  • Enable us to communicate our emotional and physical needs without the fear of rejection.
  • Give us the words to affirm each other’s inward and outward beauty.


Thanks for listening! I hope you are encouraged to live in wholehearted intimacy!





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